How to Prepare for a Hurricane

hurricane preparationEveryone dreads hearing the news of a strong hurricane heading their way. But it is an inevitable fact that one should prepare and consider available options in order to better hurdle and cope up with a setback such as storms. No one will be able to know if everything will come out fine in its aftermath, especially with unpredictable storms. But there are some ways that you can do to prepare yourself for what might happen.

Hurricanes are powerful and dangerous and should always be considered as such. Hurricanes kill thousands of people worldwide annually and cause billions of dollars in terms of property damage. Whether a storm is considered big or small, it is wise not to underestimate its power. Always have a healthy respect for hurricanes, tornadoes and severe weather in general. That is the first step having yourself prepared for the coming storm.

The next step for you is decide whether you should evacuate your home or stay and ride out the storm. There are several factors that you should consider before making your decision:

  • Are you living in an area near the shore where flooding and storm surges may likely occur?

  • Is your home strong and stable enough to withstand hurricane force winds?

  • Do your windows, sliding glass doors, and jalousie doors, have shutters strong enough to keep the powerful winds and rain out and keep you safe?

  • Do you have family members with special medical needs that might require help you cannot provide?

  • Is your home still capable of providing a suitable environment even after the storm when all utilities fail?

Once you have decided whether to stay or go, you must try to make a disaster plan that you and your family can follow given a number of possible situations. There won’t be enough time to think about anything when a storm finally reaches your area. Try to sit down and formulate a plan that you and your family can follow for any situation that may likely happen during the course of the storm.

A couple of days before the arrival of the storm in your area, you might need to prepare your home the best you can in order to make it more able to stand up against the forces that a hurricane will dish out. You may need to put up shutters and protect your home from the fierce winds and rain and effectively keep them out.

By not protecting all the openings, you might be putting your home at grave risk for serious damage. Trim nearby trees to minimize possible damage to your home. Bring all the loose items lying around outside your home inside to prevent them from becoming flying debris and become a serious risk for others.

Another important thing to do in preparing for the coming hurricane is to stock up on essential supplies and equipment. Many people can become too focused in protecting their homes from the incoming storm that they can sometimes forget to stock up on food and other basic necessities.

Bear in mind that even after a storm, you might find it difficult to gather supplies for your own use. It would be wise to stock up your cabinets with things that you think you would need to continue living until everything comes back to normal.

Stock up about two weeks worth of food and other supplies to make sure that your needs would be met during and after a storm. Try stocking up food that won’t easily spoil. Opt for supplies with long shelf lives to make sure that your supplies can still be used long after the storm subsides.

It is also important to fuel all the vehicles before the storm hits. Try also to secure some cash that you might use after the storm. You might have a difficulty acquiring funds even after a storm since most banks will probably be closed for some time. Remember to also keep a photo I.D. handy that also shows your home address to ensure that you you always have some proper identification information with you.

An impending storm should not cause you some needless worry and anxiety. Knowing what to do and preparing for the inevitable would ensure that you would be fine after every storm that passes your way.

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