Five Most Deadly US Tornadoes

tornadoTornadoes are one of nature’s most devastating phenomena. Through the years, they have devastated countless communities and damaged quite a number of properties as well as cost a number of lives in the process. Here is a list of the worst tornadoes to ever hit the US soil through history.

Tri-State Tornado

The Tri-State Tornado devastated Missouri, Indiana and Illinois on March 18, 1925. It was considered as the worst tornado in US history. The Tri-State Tornado ravaged communities along the three states for a period of more than three hours. In its wake, it left 695 people dead with about two thousand others injured.

Natchez Tornado

The Natchez Tornado began in Louisiana and then went along the Mississippi River for seven miles before hitting Natchez, Mississippi. This happened on May 7, 1840 and devastated an large part of the area that was busy with steamboat and barge traffic. Most of the lives that perished occurred along the river areas where the tornado tracked. A total of 317 lives perished with the Natchez Tornado, the number considered as an underestimation since slave deaths were unaccounted for before the Civil War.

St. Louis Tornado

On May 27, 1896, the St. Louis tornado devastated the southwest end of the city of St. Louis, Missouri, following a path through an urban area. Its path devastated countless buildings and homes located along the river. Total death toll was placed on 255 with a thousand suffering injuries due to the tornado.

Tupelo Tornado

The Tupelo Tornado ravaged Yalobusha County, Mississippi when it touched down near Coffeeville on April 5, 1936. The tornado then followed a path toward the center of Tupelo and damages several residential sections of the city. This tornado also spawned the Gainesville Tornado and left 233 people dead with 700 other people wounded.

Gainesville Tornado

The Gainesville Tornado came after the Tupelo Tornado on April 6, 1936. it was actually a pair of tornadoes that hit just at the start of the work day. The twin tornadoes took different paths into the city area. The smaller tornado tore through north of the city while the larger one headed towards the downtown area.

The two tornadoes converged into the city center and did considerable damage to many factories and businesses in the area. Death toll for this tornado stands at 203 lives while injury count numbered over 1600 people.

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