Better Understanding of Hurricane


We are often apprehensive about hurricanes because of the destruction that its heavy rains, strong winds, and large waves can bring to our neighborhood and community. But what, exactly, is a hurricane?

A hurricane is a huge storm which is commonly characterized by strong gusts of winds spiraling in an inward-upward direction. Its speed ranges from 75 to 200 mph. It typically moves over the open ocean for over a week. It targets the warm ocean waters because this is where it usually gathers heat and energy, while evaporation from seawater causes it to increase its power.

The hurricane has a so-called "eye" or the center of the storm. This is the part of a hurricane where it rotates in a counter-clockwise direction. It is also the calmest part of a hurricane because it only has light winds and a fair weather.

There are several stages before the occurrence of a hurricane is justified: a Tropical Wave, a Tropical Disturbance, and a Tropical Cyclone.

Tropical Wave

This is a low pressure trough in a westward direction. It is characterized with the presence of trade winds

Tropical Disturbance

These are a series of thunderstorms that usually occurs in the tropics. These are often accompanied by heavy rains and strong winds

Tropical Cyclone

The term tropical cyclone is a general term used to refer to a low pressure movement that is formed in the tropic waters. Tropical depressions, like tropical storms and hurricanes, are forms of tropical cyclones.

The term hurricane is merely used on a geographical difference. A hurricane is labeled as a hurricane when it is found in the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, or the Eastern Pacific Ocean. It is called a typhoon if it is situated in the Western Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, it is referred to as a cyclone if it is found in the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, or in Australia.

The occurrence of hurricanes now is said to be more pervasive than before because of the global warming phenomenon. True enough, more and more families and business ventures are being affected by hurricanes.

While we may not directly have the ability to put an end to the occurrence of hurricanes, the importance of knowing basic things about hurricanes remain, especially because it affects our lives greatly.


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