How you Can Fight Global Warming

We could deny it and say we are just having climactic mood swings or we could just accept the fact that all of this weird weather is caused by, if not just leading to, global warming. Unlike Al Gore, we do not have the resources to preach the ‘unconvenient truth’ to a mass audience. However, we could do our own share as a citizen of the world in preventing from making the situation worse. Here are some things you can do by yourself that could help prevent global warming.

Get educated. Everything starts off by being aware, knowing how things work, and have an idea how to do things. Be a living example of how to live green by first inculcating the thoughts to yourself.

Count your carbon. It is simply calculating the amount of carbon before one thing could be produced. It is also called its carbon footprint. The lower the carbon count, the more efficient its production was. There are ways to on computing carbon count online via carbon calculators.

Buy locally made and locally grown products. Buying local, other than being patriotic, also has benefits on the environment. This has something to do with carbon count. Since you endorse products made locally, there were less resources consumed from transporting the items.

Have a near-vegetarian diet. Maintaining cattle has a high carbon count from the food it consumes and from producing the food it needs to consume. This is more of eating food that has less carbon count rather than you actually having a healthy diet. Then again, living healthy might be a good side effect from helping preserve the environment.

Buy minimally packaged goods. If the packaging of an item you bought or are planning to buy serves no other purpose than for mere aesthetic reasons which makes it excessive and bulky, there are two ways to it. Either report to that company its excessive packaging practices or you could purchase from a company which uses less bells and whistles in its packaging. This is actually a thin line among computer hardware and big appliances with its numerous styrofoams and more than needed plastic wrap. Smaller items could do away with a simple box and some form of protective casing that is not harmful to the environment.

Recycle, use recycled products, and reuse stuff. This is a given when talking about conserving and preserving. First of all, recycling reduces the pressure of producing new materials for storage and consumption. Using recycled products make sure that resources are maximized. Utilize the unused sides or parts of sheets of paper either as scratch or compile and bind them to be used as a DIY notebook. Use refills like reusable jars and containers. This is pretty much the idea with recycling and reusing.

Replace old appliances with more environment-friendly ones. Appliance companies have already caught up with the green revolution and they are introducing more ecology-compassionate items. This is the case with refrigerators, televisions, computers, and even cars. You get one more point if you could limit your reliance on energy-chugging contraptions like airconditioners and private vehicles.

Use household items more efficiently. Use the more effective compact fluorescent bulbs, which has brighter illumination at a fraction of the cost; maximize the washing machine and the dishwasher load everytime you wash, or better yet, wash by hand; use a push mower instead of the gas-powered one; and unplug and turn off unused electronics.

Insulate and weather strip your home. Insulating means keeping the cool or the warmth inside the house, while weather stripping is preventing them from escaping the house through open spaces and cracks at windows and doors. This reduces the reliance for heaters and coolers.

Use alternative forms of transportation. Walk, use public transportation, ride a bike. Anything that reduces the use of fossil fuel is always a good thing. Other than the benefits of physical exertion as a form of exercise, walks could also be a social purpose by letting you mingle with neighbors more, and at the same time, appreciating nature more.

For those who have private vehicles, have them maintained regularly. Besides having a more fuel-efficient car by going hybrid or by having a smaller vehicle, giving your wheels a regular checkup means that it produces less emissions while being ensured that it is always in tiptop shape.

Support renewable energy. As much as biofuel is getting the flak recently, there are still a number of options available besides fossil fuel. Although some claim that wind and solar energy are expensive to produce, more demand would pull its pricetag down. Besides, nothing beats the near-endless provision of the wind and the sun.

Grow fast growing plants. This could be the weirdest suggestion in this article, but this actually makes sense. Fast growing plants, like bamboo, produce more oxygen while at the same time uses less upkeep. Just make sure that the species is native to your area so as not to create problem species.

Tell everyone. This is where the big picture comes in. Have everybody involved. Inform the community of the benefits living the green lifestyle. Send letters to the government to promote ecological programs. Support and vote candidates that have the environment in its platform. Provide feedback to the private companies on how they could make their products more earth friendly.

Use less, reuse more, recycle often.

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