What is Flood?

waterFor most people, the onset of the rainy season means that there will be a cooler climate. For others, it means that they won’t have to water their beloved plants everyday anymore. Some people find the rain as a welcome addition to their lives. However, for some unfortunate people, the added rains will only mean one thing-they have got to start packing because a flood is coming.

The definition of a flood is an overflow of water or a length of water that is able to submerge land. It is literally a deluge that seeks to relocate not just individuals but groups of families.

People think about storms and hurricanes that have done the worst to a city and they conjure up images that are reminiscent of a great, big flood. The memories of people who have been exiled because of floods are quite vivid: brown, pungent odors coming from both destroyed property and loose soil, broken boards which used to be part of a sturdy house, a giant’s eye view of the whole neighborhood simply because people have been pushed up to avoid being caught in the ebb and flow of the water.

Floods have been known to be caused by either the excessive melting of snow in a nearby area which may be in close proximity to a clustered population or it could be the overflow of a river or lake from a dam, for example.

The total water contained in a particular dam or area wherein water is stored could exceed its capacity and, as a result, overflow and cause a flood around a populated area. Aside from dams, rivers are also prone to overflowing when it becomes so full of water and decides to flow right out of the river channel because of the strength of the current. This type of overflowing action usually happens at the corners or meanders of the river path.

The fact that flooding is a very real and subtle natural calamity makes it quite dangerous for those people who are not prepared for it. One night you might be happily sleeping in your room and the next moment you realize that you are being disturbed by the sloshing of water beside your bed. It is a terrible thing to wake up to that type of situation because so many things could go wrong by the time that you panic. You will realize that you are left with nothing else to do but to swim for your life and that could render the calmest person ineffective and panicky.

Another thing that could be of a problem is electrocution. You might not be able to have enough presence of mind to simply avoid all of the areas of your house that have a electrical socket which might leave you dead the moment that you go near it. The fact remains that floods are a real threat not only because of the displacement that you will undergo but because of the life-threatening effects that it carries along with it.

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