Wall For Flood Control by Yanko Design

wall for flood

Yanko Design, the web magazine that features the best international modern designs in the fields of industrial design, concepts, technology, interior design, architecture, exhibition and fashion, presents The Wall for Flood Control, a concept by designer Ho-Hyeok Lee.

This unique concept may be the perfect solution for living areas that are naturally prone to flooding.

Features and function

The device is made up of partitions that are locked together to form a platform/wall. These panels are safe-locked together to prevent each partition from moving. It can be unlocked if only certain partitions are needed to be used. When unlocked, the green light turns on. When locked, the red light goes on.

What’s interesting about this architectural concept is that it don’t need manual operation or power source. Here’s how it works: The wall uses only the buoyant force of water to get into position. When the water level rises, the wall retracts up to form a barrier. When the water level drops, the wall lowers back down into a platform for pedestrians.

Also, the wall for flood control may be installed on existing facilities.

Image Source: yankodesign.com

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