Protect Your Home Against Flood Damages

flood damageBe prepared. In the event of a flood, there are a few simple ways to protect your home and belongings from being damaged.

Create your own emergency flood plan.

Check your insurance cover

Know where your gas, electricity and water mains are located in advance of a flood.

Think about what you would want to move to safety during a flood

Keep all of your electrical items as high up in your house as possible.

Store important documents in a waterproof sealed bag in a safe location from flood water.

Think about what you can move now

Park your car on higher ground to avoid damages, outdoor pets, outdoors cars and furniture

Prepare a flood kit of essential items

Know who to contact and how

Know your local flood codes.

Preparing Your Own Flood Defenses

Depending on your location, your local council will make sandbags available to as many residents as possible for them to protect their homes from flooding.

If your home is at a high risk of flooding, it is best to have your own supply. You local builders merchant can supply them to you.

Check the market for various flood protection products. A lot of these products can installed in advance and can be simply removed and put back again whenever needed. Examples of these are the flood board and air brick cover. Available also are plastic skirts to surround your whole property; temporary free-standing barriers which can protect a group of properties. Check with your local environment agency for the list or removable flood defence products, including their suppliers.

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