Massive Flood In Britain

house floodPeople are already saying it, the recent floods that hit Britain were the worst ones to hit the country in the last 60 years. The floods that happened in late July were a culmination of events that started of months before.

The month of April was the hottest April on record in Great Britain. Most of the country received practically little or no rain for the whole month. Then when June came, rain poured in and it poured in hard. Immediately, dozens of homes in villages like Cornish of Boscastle became waterlogged after torrential rain.

Then continuous rains cause flooding in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Wales, Kent, the West Midlands, Worcestershire, and Northern Ireland. What was thought to be a dry spell became the wettest summer in Great Britain’s history. Flooding across the country resulted to thousands of people needing evacuation and heavy damage on human properties. The flooding that month of June was declared to be a one time event. Again, people’s assumptions and generalizations were later proved wrong.

July 20, Friday marked another first in the history of UK. Almost non-stop torrential rains flooded the roads in London, Dorset Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey. Hampshire, Leicestershire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and again the West Midlands suffered severe floods. The amount of water that poured from the sky on that day was great that in some areas the rain pour was equivalent of a month’s worth.

Rivers across the Midlands began to swell, causing river water to swell towards nearby neighborhoods. The thousands of affected people in the July floods were immediately doubled, or even tripled. In the town of Gloucestershire alone, around 350,000 people were evacuated from the swelling rivers and rising flood waters.

The Friday rains also flooded the center of England putting many more towns submerged or cut off. England was paralyzed together with the towns and villages submerged in flood waters.

After the flood waters and the river ways receded, what was left was more than a million people affected. The final toll was nine dead, millions of people affected, several towns without electricity, and had no drinking water either since fresh water pumps had been overwhelmed by flood waters.

Even if Britain considered the floods these last two months as unprecedented and broke records in the country’s history, they should consider themselves fortunate. When some countries in Asia endures torrential monsoon rains, most often than not the results are huge floods, bigger death toll, bigger number of people stranded or affected, and a bigger total amount of damages. It seems when it comes to calamities, everything else seems to be bigger in Asia.

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