Floods: Causes and Effects

flood cause and effectsFloods have a distinct way of changing the appearance of any landscape. If you let a flood creep up a town, then you will eventually see less and less doors and more roofs.

If you also witness the crashing of a flood created by a tsunami, you will most likely find yourself squinting your eyes amidst the carnage of the destruction that it has brought. The point is, there is a great deal of change that is witnessed whenever a flood happens.

The occurrence of floods sporadically happen near the natural sources of water such as rivers. These are essentially called flood plains. If there is heavy rain, water will eventually overflow into the nearby areas.

Also, if this occurrence is also combined with the fact that snow from nearby areas will warm up and melt, this will definitely aggravate the situation and lead the rivers to overflow their banks. Those floods which suddenly rise and fall without any warning at all are called flash floods.

These types of floods are commonly caused by increasingly intense rainfall during the particularly wet months of the year. Coastal areas are also susceptible to flooding as high tide maybe responsible for the flooding in those areas. Also, severe winds may also push the water to the different coasts. This phenomenon will also be the cause of some floods.

Those areas that have monsoon rainfalls will eventually cause severe flooding in some of the countries which lie near the equator. A good example of these types of countries is Bangladesh. This country is easily hit by hurricanes and when the different factors that cause flooding also come into play,

It may experience extreme flooding especially if these hurricanes amount to a storm surge. There are reports that sea flooding may rise up to 8 meters high in some cases. The leading edge of the hurricanes that batter the sea water is the leading cause for this type of flooding. When this happens, water is pushed from the sea into the dry and level ground.

Another reason why it floods is because of heat waves. For those conditions where there is snow present in the environment, a sudden heat wave which is unexpected may eventually melt the mountain snow that may have been slowly accumulating over time. This sudden melting of snow has caused floods which have been responsible for the loss of property as well as human lives.

There are typically a lot of reasons why floods in any form come. It may be due to natural occurences or man-made ones such as the breaking of a dam which let’s loose the pent up body of water to rage into a population.

There may be different reasons of why a flood occurs but the effects of these types of natural disasters are common: there is the destruction of property and the loss of lives, physical damage and casualties. Crops and food supplies are hampered because of road blockage, contamination or spoilage of the existing supply. But most importantly, the supply of water is contaminated and will end up in deprivation of a lot of people from good health.

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