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Flood Guard Systems Ltd. (Floodguards) has created a number of product that are fairly helpful come rainy season. Floodguards’ products are practical yet effective.

Airbrick Covers

Airbricks and wall vents are integral in modern building construction. Without them, air would not be able to circulate inside infrastructures and would build up condensation.

However, though airbricks and vents allow air to circulate, they also allow water to get in quickly during a flood. Airbricks and vents need water tight covering the way doors and French windows need floodguards.

Floodguards has manufactured airbrick and vent covers in to protect your homes from floods. Airbrick and vent covers come in four standard sizes to fit most regular-shaped openings.

  • Single brick: 245mm x 115mm
  • Double brick: 245mm x 245mm
  • Triple brick: 390mm x 245mm
  • Circular: 105mm diameter

All sizes come in white, a practical color to remind you to remove them after the danger has passed.

How it works:

These airbrick and vent covers are simply clipped to custom-fitted backframes that are sealed to the wall. As the pressure builds, the tighter the seal gets. After the event has passed, simply wash your airbrick and vent covers and store properly.

The backframes (to which the covers are clipped) can be ordered in the following colors: grey, brown, brick red and white – to match the most common wall colors – but can be custom colored to blend perfectly into your walls. These backframes can also be custom-made to fit unusually shaped airbricks and/or vents.


A Floodguards’ Floodalert technology is a wise investment to make to prevent the destructive effects of a flood. Advance warning is just what people need to put up whatever flood defenses they have to protect their homes or to evacuate if necessary.

If you happen to be away, then an alarm must be sounded to alert the keyholders of a potential flood in the way. If you’re home, but asleep, you have to woken up.

Floodalert is basically like a burglar alarm – for water.

How it works:

A sensor pod is set up at a certain point where flood water reaches before it’s too late – the side of an outbuilding, for instance. Water immediately hits the sensor pod and an electronic alarm is sent to the control box inside your house.

The control box automatically sounds off an alarm and dials four phone numbers with a recording of a flood warning message. It will keep dialing until it gets a positive response that helps is on the way. The numbers you program can be for anyone: relatives, neighbors, a security company, etc. They in turn put up your flood guards to protect your home.

Sump and Pump

Water can seep through, even in the most guarded areas. To prevent the rising level of flood water from becoming a problem, install Floodguards’ Sump & Pump in your establishment. It’s tiny, lined, covered shaft at the lowest point in the ground behind your Floodguards protection.

How it works:

Flood water that seeps through will head for the sump and fill the shaft. Simply take the lid off, insert the pump, connect a hose that goes over your flood defenses and pump the water out.

Floodguards Sheds

To store your flood defences, Floodguards offers sturdy and durable custom-made sheds that allow you instant access at a moment’s notice. Durable locks protect your equipment when not in use.

Floodguards’ Sheds are available in two sizes:

(h x w x d):
0.84m x 3m x 1.13m
0.84m x 2m x 1.13m

Image source: Floodguards

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