Flood Proofing Techniques

flood proofing techniquesDespite the seeming necessity of using flood proofing techniques, there are a number of factors that you first need to take into serious consideration before you decide on which flood proofing technique you need to employ.

In a nutshell, flood proofing depends on the individual property owners’ financial situation, lifestyle, the severity of the flooding problem in their area, and how they will utilize the property that is being affected by the flood as well as after whatever resulting improvements the flood proofing techniques will have. Each flood proofing technique also provides different levels of protection which is also relative to individuals, area, and flooding problems.

First thing that you should do is find out if the local government or any agency in your area is providing financial assistance for flood proofing improvements in your properties. Areas that are frequented with floods often have groups giving a helping hand in terms of financial assistance or in kind like construction supplies, seminars, lectures, and information materials.

Second is to study local building codes to see if any improvements that you are planning to make in accordance to setting up a chosen flood proofing measure is neither illegal nor does not comply with current standards. It is very counter productive and a waste of investment if you find out later that the project cannot continue because the structure does not comply with current building code standards.

A very important factor is the cost. Ideally the property owner should hire someone or carefully determine a rough estimate of the cost of the flood proofing project. And this means choosing and evaluating carefully the capabilities of various contractors. Look for a contract before construction begins. It’s good to have everything in black and white. After the completion of the project, carefully inspect the structures before handing over the final payment.

Another issue that you might want to consider is the fact that your house or property might look strange or weird after flood proofing techniques has been set up. You might need to hire a decent architect to ensure that the design of the flood proofing measures is well integrated to the design of your properties.

When assessment of the property results to a conclusion that any flood proofing measures would prove to be impractical, the only thing that remains for a property owner is to apply emergency flood protection measures. There are experts on this kind of flood protection and with the right implementation, one can provide basic protection to their properties.

However, emergency measures of flood protection rely heavily on early flood warning announcements. Part of the emergency measures procedure is relocating furniture and electronic equipment that can be reached by flood waters to an area that will keep them dry and away from the damaging waters. Enough warning could also help property owners to prepare for floods by boarding up or placing sandbags around the windows and doors.

Again, don’t be hasty with regards to basic flood proofing solutions. You need to think things through.

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