Global Warming Will Intensify Hurricanes and Tornadoes

The lastest news regarding the scientific debate about how, and whether global warming will affect the world’s most violent storms, is that there will be stronger storms – dust devils and water spouts, tornadoes and hurricanes. Or at least this is what us predicted by a team from the University of Michigan. In the Swedish Journal Tellus A, the University of Michigan team of well-respected and well-cred

Destruction Of Greenhouse Gases Over Tropical Atlantic May Ease Global Warming

Everyday we are constantly bombarded by the negative effects of global warming. However, scientists from the UK’s National Centre for Atmospheric Science and Universities of York and Leeds, has some very positive news to share. Vast amounts of ozone – 50% more than what is predicted by the world’s-state-of-the-art climate models – are being destroyed in the lower atmosphere over the Tropica

Experts Deny Link Between Floods and Global Warming

Though the flooding in central England nearly a year ago were very severe, a scientific analysis on the event say that they cannot be linked to climate change. The magnitude of last July’s floods prompted experts to say that they were due to climate change and an indication of similar summer-time flooding to come. But, as per the report published by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Wallingford, exper

How you Can Fight Global Warming

We could deny it and say we are just having climactic mood swings or we could just accept the fact that all of this weird weather is caused by, if not just leading to, global warming. Unlike Al Gore, we do not have the resources to preach the ‘unconvenient truth’ to a mass audience. However, we could do our own share as a citizen of the world in preventing from making the situation worse. Here are some

Five Most Deadly US Tornadoes

Tornadoes are one of nature’s most devastating phenomena. Through the years, they have devastated countless communities and damaged quite a number of properties as well as cost a number of lives in the process. Here is a list of the worst tornadoes to ever hit the US soil through history. Tri-State Tornado The Tri-State Tornado devastated Missouri, Indiana and Illinois on March 18, 1925. It was considered as

Flood: Natural Hazard

Flooding hazards can be divided as primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary hazards are those that occur due to contact with flood water. Secondary effects are those that occur as direct effect of flooding such as disruption of services (such as power interruptions) and health impacts such as famine and disease. A sample of a tertiary effect, on the other hand, are changes in the position of river channels. Floodi

Tsunami Warning Signs

A lot of people have seen the damage that a tsunami can cause as evidenced by the one that happened in December 26, 2004. Caused by an earthquake somewhere in the Indian Ocean, the tsunami generated was able to devastate a number of countries, caused over 220,000 casualties in the areas that the killer waves reached and displaced a million others after its wake. Despite a substantial delay of about several hours

What is a Tsunami?

What is a tsunami? A tsunami is a series of waves created when a body of water is suddenly displaced. They are also called seismic waves since most tsunamis are caused by seismic activity such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and even landslides under bodies of water. In prehistoric times, some scientists believe that tsunamis might have even been caused by meteorite impact in the ocean. What causes a tsunami? T

Effect of Climate Change

Climate change simply describes the different variations in the Earth’s collective, global climate or in regional climates over a longer period of time. This essentially refers to the average state of the atmosphere that is present in a particular time scale. It either ranges from decades to millions of years and can be influenced by a number of environmental factors. The Earth can influence it by something

Factors that Determine Weather

The weather can be aptly described as a set of all existing phenomena that is contained in a particular atmosphere at any given time. This terms usually pertains to the different activities of these phenomena over brief periods of time such as days or maybe even hours. This is not synonymous to the term "climate" which essentially refers to the average atmospheric condition in a given place over a long

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